15 Instant Mood Lifters m/

15 instant mood lifters

I am compiling a list of few things which might instantly lift up your mood.

  1. Yawn and Stretch. Seen a dog when he wakes up?

  2. Smell a flower. They smell awesome.

  3. Polish a mirror. Then look in it and smile. :D

  4. Brush your teeth.

  5. Brush your hair.

  6. Drink two glasses of water, add a wedge of lemon or lime to it. Many times sadness is really just dehydration.

  7. Eat something healthy and fresh. You could be feeling blue because your blood sugar has taken a dip. Eat a bowl of fresh fruits or vegetables.

  8. De-clutter a part of your home or office that needs it.

  9. Look through your old scrapbooks, personal journals, blog archives, collections of your own paintings, poems, songs.

  10. Search for occurrences of your name in your favorite social network and find out what people are talking about you.

  11. Make lists. It makes us feel so capable when we can cross things off our to-do lists. Make a list like this one :D

  12. Turn on the music. Your favorite tunes can really lift your spirits. Use classical and jazz to calm; rock and roll or hip hop to energize.

  13. Write down and archive what's bothering you, as quickly as you can without stopping to think about it too much as you write.

  14. Mark Twain said, "The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up."

  15. Call your mom.

If your mood doesn't brighten right away, go with the flow, and accept your mood just the way it is. It is okay to be feeling blue every now and then. Let yourself rest, and give yourself time to restore your own happy mood in your own natural time.

Cheer up buddy >:D<