Yet another bull theory

yet another bullshit theory
Most of the heroes are orphan.

Moses is abandoned in a basket, Hercules grows up without his father. Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, and Snow White. Batman, Spiderman, Superman, many of the X-men. Harry Potter, Frodo Baggins, the Baudelaire Children, and Luke and Leia Skywalker.

Now that we agree on this fact, let's move on to another one which we can disagree upon.
Most girls like jobless guys as boyfriends

Before we skip the content to start bashing, let's define jobless guy as a guy 'who do not work for a living'. He may either be born to a rich dad or is enjoying jobless benefits or just studying or is just Edward Cullen.

So, what is this statement based upon? An absolutely vague thought, backed up by instant (inaccurate) statistical analysis provided by friends and lots of love stories.

Why are jobless guys the dream boys?

  1. Jobless guys do not ignore you. They make you feel special and important. They can say eleven times a day how much you matter to them and how they can do anything for you. (Also that they can eat you and they cannot read your mind.)

  2. The jobless guy does not have many friends. So there is no one hogging all the time and attention.

  3. The jobless guy does have will to work. They hunt for jobs and try to make their mark.

  4. Jobless guys respect your work, career, fashion sense or even your makeup skills.

  5. Jobless guys never bash your family. Even if they do they are just going through a phase.

  6. Jobless guys lie to you because you are precious to them and they cannot afford to lose you. Guys with job lies because they are just phony.

  7. Jobless guys ogle at the other girls to keep themselves distracted. Guys with jobs are just disgusting.

  8. Jobless guys are ill mannered because of the circumstances. If they utter profanities it is because they are under real pressure. Guys with jobs are so uncouth.

  9. Jobless guy ends up getting a job then it is your inspiration and motivation which helped him. You can feel so proud of him and sing some song about the awesomeness of your jobless lover with a job.

  10. Jobless guys are quite easy to run away with. They do not have jobs and security issues. You can run away to a jungle where no one goes. You can climb/jump up the trees to watch your jobless guy's world. You can build a peaceful cottage. He will chop wood in winter to heat the house where you both can sing "Jingle Bell" with your kids on Christmas.

  11. More ....


  1. Nice blog, I was from st'paul currently in Texas. I found your blog at Techcrunch comment box, titiled nishu. I was cent percent sure that the nishu who commented here would be the Nishu Goyal of Ujjain. St'paul and interesting it was.

    Nice to know about your blog.

    Keep blogging, keep commenting :-)

  2. lollll...awesome study...hilarious and true..

  3. hehe nice post :P

    looks lke someone close to you ran away with a jobless guy :P

  4. Hi Nishu nice one .....
    I hope you identified me....

  5. well... now that you made me aware of the fact taht girls like jobless guys... i realize why the guys like working gurls for girlfriends ... but a housewife after marriage! ;)