Then you feel like God

diablo: Then you feel like god

You don't feel like sitting, concentrating and working on one thing at a time. Instead you flatter yourself about adeptness of stitching in time to save the nine. You indulge yourself in multiple tasks. You fail. And you hide behind the forsaken masks. No one blames you. You are a genius. Invulnerable. You are God.

Diabolic. Vindictive.

Yes. No. You are far more than Olympian Gods. You are a legendary Titan.

You decorate your throne with your elegantly proud posture in the hall of the Gods. Sometimes you give a thought to the 'things' . You try to think straight. You can't. You feel vulnerable to the Ghast negativity of every question you have. But you are God. Insuperable. You sublimate the doubts in your aura of attitude and arrogance. You build up a cyst around yourself. Impregnable castle. You are amazed by your own efficacy.

You are amused by many other things about yourself. When you crack a joke you smile like a smug who just smelt his own fart. It is not depressing that you are the only one who is enthralled by your sense of humor. Other mortals just do not get the humor. They are merely samples of your playfulness. They might have a dim perception that you played a cruel trick on them, but they lack the intelligence to really comprehend the magnitude of it. You are so authentic and original.
"Let's get out of the Sun and wait in shadow"

"I am generating vitamin D"

"Where do you live?"

"I live in the present"

Hail to you! Almighty. All knowing. Omnipresent. In your bizarre smuggish humor  there exists a subtle self mockery and bits of philosophy. It reflects how down to earth you are.  So cute and innocent.

But you need to tell your followers that you mock yourself, you bring pain upon yourself, you taunt yourself because even a legion of Satans cannot amiss your authority. You do it for pleasure purposes as no one else can do it to you.

And as far as your philosophy goes it is by itself a joke. Every joker is a philosopher.

God! Don't you feel sometime to come out of your majestic city of the Gods, get a life and put some fight like a real man?

PS: You are counting on mortals not to understand this. LOL


  1. Lolll...get a life and put some fight...loll

  2. well...if god joins us in the league then we have one more person to fight with for our own existence, so i say let god be were he is, because once he is down with us we will not find him cute and innocent any more and corrupt him as we speak.

  3. @atul

    u like words that rhyme?

    put fight, go to blight, turn right, fly kite,
    god's might, heaven's light, dead knight, take lite.

  4. @sujee teppal

    Don't be afraid God is not all that kick ass.

  5. yeee........Now I have a feeling dat thr is a GOD inside everyone says "har insaan main bhagwaan hota hai" ha ha......

  6. loll...that is quite a rhyme...take lite but put fite..;)

  7. i feel lke a god too :P