How many of me?

zen how many of me?

I was named after a neighbor's kid.

I was around three years old. I was supposed to join a school and my parents needed a name for me. The sacred quest to find a name for me was bestowed upon my cousin. Being the smartest kid in the family he went through a gigantic repository of names. The source of this repository were names of students in his class, names of students in his elder sister's class, names of students in his yet another elder sisters class and names of students in classes of all his cousins. Man! He was really smart to remember these many names.

His mother, my aunt, suggested to choose a name which starts with alphabet 'A' so that I can be amongst the first kids in roll call. But this suggestion soon received a veto from her daughter. Reason provided was - "it is difficult to do proxy attendance when you are amongst the first students to be called." So, the team of the worthy knights decided that my name should start with alphabet 'M' or 'N'. I was never told how they ended up with choosing their neighbor's kid's name as a name for me. I believe they must have forgotten about the brainstorming session anyway. Or may be aliens came in a spaceship suggested them this name and wiped out their memory of other details.
That is how I got my name when I entered a school, at last, three years after I was born: Nishu Goyal.

My name isn't the end of the story about my name. When your name is Bob no one asks you. How do you spell that? Isn't that more like a girl's name? Not so with Nishu Goyal.

In my college days my friend who was also my next door neighbor, my bench mate, my branch mate, told me about his disappointment when he realized that the person he will be spending most of his time during classes is a guy. He apparently scanned the list of Freshers very well for all instances of the fairer sex. Same sort of disappointment was confessed to me by teaching assistants, guys who came for college campus placements as recruiters, guys who joined the job along with me. The list goes on.

But there was one good thing about my name.

I believed - it sort of uniquely belonged to me. If you google search for 'Nishu Goyal' you will find this blog. Not a big deal. But still. What is the chance that you will meet someone with name 'Nishu Goyal'.

Well if you really look hard. You can find another 'Nishu Goyal' on Linkedin. And what are the odds that my company owner goes to IIT Bombay for campus recruitment and hires her. I can't even finish the post saying - think about it.

15 Instant Mood Lifters m/

15 instant mood lifters

I am compiling a list of few things which might instantly lift up your mood.

  1. Yawn and Stretch. Seen a dog when he wakes up?

  2. Smell a flower. They smell awesome.

  3. Polish a mirror. Then look in it and smile. :D

  4. Brush your teeth.

  5. Brush your hair.

  6. Drink two glasses of water, add a wedge of lemon or lime to it. Many times sadness is really just dehydration.

  7. Eat something healthy and fresh. You could be feeling blue because your blood sugar has taken a dip. Eat a bowl of fresh fruits or vegetables.

  8. De-clutter a part of your home or office that needs it.

  9. Look through your old scrapbooks, personal journals, blog archives, collections of your own paintings, poems, songs.

  10. Search for occurrences of your name in your favorite social network and find out what people are talking about you.

  11. Make lists. It makes us feel so capable when we can cross things off our to-do lists. Make a list like this one :D

  12. Turn on the music. Your favorite tunes can really lift your spirits. Use classical and jazz to calm; rock and roll or hip hop to energize.

  13. Write down and archive what's bothering you, as quickly as you can without stopping to think about it too much as you write.

  14. Mark Twain said, "The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up."

  15. Call your mom.

If your mood doesn't brighten right away, go with the flow, and accept your mood just the way it is. It is okay to be feeling blue every now and then. Let yourself rest, and give yourself time to restore your own happy mood in your own natural time.

Cheer up buddy >:D<